Crypto Signals: Discovering the Best Bitcoin Signals

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Many internet experts claim to give good crypto signals for free. But the reality does not match the expectations once the cards are given. So those who are looking for the best Bitcoin signals have to stay alert. These people don’t believe anyone who claims to be an expert for the sake of it.

Are you a crypto trader and don’t know how to select the best coins to trade? There are some important tips to follow.

Newbie traders may even hit one or two good deals. But it is never the best practice to choose a random cryptocurrency and invest in it. Ultimately, this will lead you to lose money on the deep run.

It is crucial – If not mandatory – to do a careful search to find the best Crypto signals. After all, you can lose your own money if you don’t select a good source of information.

What is a Crypto Trading Signal?

What is a Crypto Trading Signal

A crypto trading signal means a suggestion from an expert who tips you to buy a specific cryptocurrency at a given time or price. An expert should analyze the signal given before the call. While there’s no guarantee it will result perfectly in his analysis, you can earn good money if you find the right expert to follow.

A crypto signal is different from an alert. The best Bitcoin signals will tell you ideas of good trades he has analyzed and what he thinks can be a successful trade, whether you’re buying or selling. On the other hand, an alert is simply a notification you can set before a cryptocurrency reaches a given price.

The groups created to provide crypto signals often operate in Telegram, just like most groups designed to offer stock signals.

Telegram is the preferred choice because it allows the calls to reach a broader audience, as their groups do not have any members limit, unlike other messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Best Bitcoin signals: What to look for and why are signals a great tool?

Best Bitcoin signals: What to look for and why are signals a great tool?

Good crypto signals will involve more than just a call of when to enter a trade. There will be an expected outcome as well. Such as a target price, a stop loss (which means it’s the price where you will accept defeat and leave the trade before losing even more money), and the expected duration of when the target price should be reached – after all, you don’t want to stay forever in a single trade.

The best Bitcoin signals can happen at any moment. Unlike the traditional trade market, cryptocurrency goes on 24 hours per day. This means there are always opportunities to earn money if the trade is good.
Of course, you have to be careful: every trade comes at the risk of not working out, and you can lose your money, so choose wisely where you will spend your money.

That is one of the main reasons it is so important to follow crypto signals whenever they are available. But unfortunately, unless you are a professional trader, it is impossible for you to keep track of everything happening live at the market.

Having experts who can provide you with signals for good trades while you are busy doing other stuff is a great way to earn more money without extensively searching for trading opportunities.

It is important to note that receiving a signal is nothing more than a tool to help you trade cryptocurrency. But you are still expected to manage your account. You make the final decision, and you need to understand at least the basics of how the market works before you join any trading group.

How much money can you earn from trading cryptocurrency?

There is no correct answer to this question because it depends on a series of elements. First, how much money are you willing to invest? Second, what is going to be your trading strategy? Third, how many trades a day are you planning to do?

The sky is the limit, but it is the potential to lose all your money. This can happen if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

That is why it’s so important to have the right crypto signals. An expert will provide you with the best analysis of what’s going on in the market and make the best decision based on your situation.

Best Crypto Signals: Which are the best Telegram groups?

Best Crypto Signals

Now that you know exactly what a cryptocurrency signal is and understand the risks, you need to choose where you will get the signals carefully. There are paid and free groups out there. However, the quality of the analysis and signals matters, as long as you can make the best trades based on their very analysis.

The best group that provides signals out there is Fat Pig Signals, which offers two groups – one is a free-for-all Telegram group with over 65k subscribers, and the second one is a paid group for VIP subscribers, with a monthly fee. Click here and check out their free group.

While the name might seem sketchy at first glance, Fat Pig Signals deliver in their promise to provide fat gains for subscribers. In addition, they have a fantastic record of over 75% accuracy in their signals –  learn more by clicking here.

Fat Pig Signals also provide stability in the long term for those who join their VIP group. A minimum of three signals are given daily, and there are trading calls for every type of negotiation, whether you want to do it short-term or long-term.

What is the price to join Fat Pig Signals?

join Fat Pig Signals

The best crypto signals group there is Fat Pig Signals. One of their advantages is that they offer three options for new users who want to join their VIP community:

  • A 3-month VIP plan costs 0.50 ETH;
  • A 6-month plan costs 0.75 ETH;
  • And a yearly subscription plan costs 1.25 ETH.

Joining a crypto signals group is a great thing to do. Cryptocurrencies are the talk of the town, and the potential to gain money from the best Bitcoin signals is insurmountable. However, with an expert guiding you, the risks are much lower. Therefore, chances are you will earn a good amount of money if you make wise decisions.


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