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Fat Pig Signals surged in 2016 through a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts friends that discussed crypto on a daily basis, ever since the traders community kept growing.
In 2017 we started our livestream on Youtube that remains active until today, where we share our trading algorithm for the Bitcoin trend on the daily timeframe. The live is up 24/7 ever since.
Also in 2017 our telegram group was created, where thousands of traders follow on a daily basis, in fact, you’re welcome to join our free open channel if you’re passionate about crypto like us.
In 2018 we decided to create our VIP service, where we share our analysis, studies and research about the cryptocurrency market with the focus on independent traders that like us are always looking for opportunities and market research.
It’s worth pointing out that we are not an investment fund nor do we provide consulting for any investment group or fund. If you’re interested in joining our VIP service, you must purchase through our official services page.
We don’t have representatives or any person authorized to represent us.
Our main goal is to provide top quality cryptocurrency content and analysis.
Fat Pig Signals only original Telegram group and Website were created back in 2017. You can check our official social media below

Simplify Your Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy

Our professional crypto traders send you daily trading signals  and suggestions to streamline your approach to trading. We help you determine what coins are interesting. Start crypto trading today!

The market includes over 10,000 coins. Keeping track of the latest market fluctuations requires hours of time. We provide effective trading suggestions. While there are no guarantees in crypto trading, we help you make better trades. Enjoy these advantages:

Save time and earn more

Receive professional crypto signals

Stop missing trade opportunities

Get trading suggestions regularly

Crypto Trading Reports Regularly From Fat Pigs Signals

If you struggle to analyze the latest trading crypto signals and narratives, we have you covered. At Fat Pigs Signals, we offer affordable, accurate crypto trading reports. Boost your crypto profits with the help of expert technical analysis and crypto trading strategies.

Start trading like a pro!

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We are a group of traders focused on cryptocurrency market analysis and studies, and our service is to provide access to our market studies and trades.

Fatpigsignals is not an investment fund, and we do not have an association with any funds. Therefore, we will never ask any members for funds and would strongly recommend being cautious about anyone asking for funds claiming to be us.
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Questions and more information on joining our study and analysis group contact us: https://t.me/fatpigsignals
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PHISHING WARNING: Please make sure you’re visiting https://www.fatpigsignals.com. There has been an increasing amount of scammers and Impersonators. Please verify the handles carefully as well. Admins will never contact you selling investment products or a fund.
Official Admin Contacts: https://t.me/dad10 and https://t.me/gangplank123
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