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Fat Pig Signals consists of a team of professional traders that have been in the cryptocurrency market since 2017 with over 15 years of trading experience.

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Our team of professional analysts watches the market consistently, constantly researching new projects and opportunities. Fat Pig Signals service also analyzes and recommends strategies such as portfolio building, yield farming, and altcoin reviews.

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We watch the crypto markets closely, doing crypto research and using technical & fundamental analysis in order to find the best opportunities for our clients.

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AAVE Signal

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AXS Signal

CAKE Signal (8700% Gain)

AXS Signal

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BNB Signal

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ETH Signal

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MANA Signal

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PEPE Coin: Recent Multi-Sig Changes and Price Plunge

PEPE Coin: Recent Multi-Sig Changes and Price Plunge PEPE Coin, a popular meme coin in the cryptocurrency market, recently experienced a significant price plunge and controversy surrounding its multi-sig changes. In this article, we will explore the details of what happened and how it has affected t...
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Aave V3 Goes Live on Base Network: What You Need to Know

Aave V3 Goes Live on Base Network: What You Need to Know Aave, one of the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, has recently announced the deployment of its highly anticipated V3 iteration on the Base network. Base is a Layer 2 blockchain solution backed by Coinbase, providing faster and c...
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What is EigenLayer? A Guide to ETH Restaking and Its Benefits

What is EigenLayer? A Guide to ETH Restaking and Its Benefits EigenLayer is a protocol that enables ETH restaking and extends Ethereum's security to other blockchain systems. It provides developers with the ability to bootstrap new networks without having to create their own communities of network v...
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LayerZero Chain: An Omnichain Interoperability Protocol

LayerZero Chain: An Omnichain Interoperability Protocol LayerZero Chain is an omnichain interoperability protocol that enables the realization of cross-chain applications with low-level communication primitives. It provides a seamless and secure way to transfer messages and assets between different ...
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We are a group of traders focused on cryptocurrency market analysis and studies, and our service is to provide access to our market studies and trades.

Fatpigsignals is not an investment fund, and we do not have an association with any funds. Therefore, we will never ask any members for funds and would strongly recommend being cautious about anyone asking for funds claiming to be us.
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