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LayerZero Chain: An Omnichain Interoperability Protocol


LayerZero Chain: An Omnichain Interoperability Protocol

LayerZero Chain is an omnichain interoperability protocol that enables the realization of cross-chain applications with low-level communication primitives. It provides a seamless and secure way to transfer messages and assets between different blockchain networks.

Core Features of LayerZero Chain

LayerZero Chain offers several core features that make it a powerful solution for cross-chain interoperability:

  • Relayer: LayerZero Chain utilizes a relayer system to transfer messages between on-chain endpoints. The relayer submits transaction proofs, which are then validated on the destination chain.
  • Oracle: LayerZero Chain leverages established oracles like Chainlink and Band to provide additional security. The oracles forward block headers to the endpoint on the destination chain.
  • Ultra Light Node (ULN): The ULN is a cost-effective alternative to on-chain light nodes. It performs the same validation as an on-chain light node but streams block headers on demand.

Supported Chain IDs

LayerZero Chain supports a wide range of chain IDs, including:

  • Ethereum (chainId: 101)
  • BNB Chain (chainId: 102)
  • Avalanche (chainId: 106)
  • Aptos (chainId: 108)
  • Polygon (chainId: 109)
  • Arbitrum (chainId: 110)
  • Optimism (chainId: 111)
  • Fantom (chainId: 112)
  • DFK (chainId: 115)
  • Harmony (chainId: 116)
  • Dexalot (chainId: 118)
  • Celo (chainId: 125)
  • Moonbeam (chainId: 126)
  • Fuse (chainId: 138)
  • Gnosis (chainId: 145)
  • Klaytn (chainId: 150)
  • Metis (chainId: 151)
  • And more...

Use Cases of LayerZero Chain

LayerZero Chain has various use cases in the blockchain ecosystem:

  • State Sharing: LayerZero Chain allows different instances of decentralized applications (DApps) running on different chains to sync their states. For example, SushiSwap can sync its state with its main Ethereum instance.
  • Bridging: LayerZero Chain enables the seamless transfer of assets between different chains. It eliminates the need for multiple bridges and provides unified liquidity across all connected chains.
  • Lending and Borrowing: With LayerZero Chain, users can collateralize assets on one chain and borrow on another chain without the need for multiple bridging and swapping fees.
  • Swaps: LayerZero Chain allows for cross-chain swaps from one asset to another without modifying existing code. Users can easily swap assets between different chains in a single transaction.
  • Governance: LayerZero Chain enables decentralized governance across multiple chains, allowing users to participate in decision-making processes.

LayerZero Chain is revolutionizing cross-chain interoperability by providing a secure and efficient solution for connecting different blockchain networks. With its low-level communication primitives and wide range of supported chain IDs, LayerZero Chain opens up new possibilities for the development of cross-chain applications.

Join the omnichain revolution and explore the potential of LayerZero Chain for your blockchain projects.


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