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Crypto Signals: What You Must Know to Start as a Trader



The best way to start as a crypto trader is to use the services of an expert. Suppose you do not know much about investing in cryptocurrencies or have little knowledge about how the cryptocurrency market works and what makes a cryptocurrency spike or drop. In that case, you should consider using crypto signals. In this article, we will introduce and discuss what are crypto signals and why they are an excellent tool to learn how to:

  • Stop losses;
  • Set targets;
  • The appropriate points to exit;
  • Or enter a trade to maximize your profit.

Nowadays, there are a lot of crypto signal groups in the market. Thus, we will also provide some information to help you select the right one.

What are Crypto Signals?

What are Crypto Signals

Crypto signals, also known as crypto trading signals, are researched by a pool of expert traders and analysts who provide trading recommendations about:

  • Buying;
  • Selling;
  • Trading crypto

To achieve maximum profits. These experts often give their customers or subscribers crucial information following detailed trade analysis and research, primarily monitoring crypto news reports and analyzing their market inputs. A crypto signal provider usually has two main parameters that guide trade calls, which are the following:

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis assists analysts in evaluating the cryptocurrency projects, most notably its:

  • Financial reports;
  • Competitors;
  • Workforce power;
  • Next upgrades;
  • And crypto news, comprising negative and positive reports.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

On the other hand, Technical Analysis concerns the study of cryptocurrency charts and market data to predict the price direction. It focuses on:

  • Price trends
  • Graph patterns
  • Fluctuations
  • And moving averages

To name just a few. The most significant advantage of the crypto signals is that they deliver rich business insights to their users. Through those insights, you can manage your assets successfully.

Crypto Trading: Telegram is the Preferred Channel

Telegram is the Preferred Channel

Telegram is the preferred channel for crypto trading due to the size of the cryptocurrency trading community on the trading platform. In addition, it is the ideal platform to communicate with a large audience since it allows up to 5,000 participants in one group chat.

Most importantly, Telegram cares more about its users' privacy than other messaging services. It usually uses more messaging bots on the trading platform – much better than alternative apps, such as WhatsApp. Traders can take advantage of RSS and automated bots to broadcast and share them with their group. Telegram crypto groups are nothing more than a chat room in which anyone can write whatever they wish: you will be able to ask questions, send direct messages to the authors of the messages, or be a simple follower. The most significant advantage of group work is that you can quickly identify investors and start a discussion about the benefits of your business. In addition, telegram crypto groups should update members on the latest changes in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto Telegram group channels are divided into two categories:

  1. ICO Speaks: Here, you will find the best crypto reviews, signals, and airdrops. To follow the most up-to-date crypto blockchain news, here is the ultimate location to go – and it is entirely free to join.

Here you can stay up to date with token sales. Besides that, you can also ask members for marketing and consulting services for each project. You can also post a message anytime.

  • ICO Listing: This crypto Telegram group focuses on specific projects. All members can post the project, highlighting the full benefits of their proposal.

The project discussion occurs by fellow members then, if it is genuinely interesting. You will need to follow the discussion and then invest if you are interested. You can also contact a member's account directly if their account is open for conversation.

What are Cryptocurrencies

What are Cryptocurrencies

But what is a cryptocurrency anyway? It is a digital currency with an encrypted code that keeps track of the generation of currency units and checks transactions for value transfers. Cryptocurrencies have no support from the government or the central bank of any country. The account is managed in a distributed way. It is like a distributed ledger, where the order of transactions cannot be changed. In short, this currency is much more advantageous than the FIAT currency.

Therefore, many banks and governments are against cryptocurrencies because they drain importance from power centers, governments, or central banks. Although government-backed currencies are FIAT currencies, FIAT currencies have many drawbacks and are centralized. Such agencies can invalidate existing money through the stroke of a pen.

It would help if you had agencies such as Visa and Mastercard to perform exchanges at corporate outlets. To keep your money, you must pay fees to banks while they profit from interest by lending your money. Transferring money across borders will require government authorization and huge fees that companies like Western Union can charge the users. The fees are paid by percentage, while only one fee per transaction. The amount should not matter.

FIAT does lack the attributes of "sound money". Cryptocurrencies fulfill most of these shortcomings. In addition to all these advantages, it presents distribution, which is quite a benefit, as we do not need to depend on any third party. Moreover, we can use cryptocurrencies thanks to blockchains.

How do Cryptocurrencies Work

How do Cryptocurrencies Work

Cryptocurrencies exist electronically and use a peer-to-peer system. Distinct types of cryptocurrencies are created in diverse ways. Bitcoins, for example, were created through a mining process that uses powerful computers to solve complex algorithms and crunch numbers.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining

The process by which people use their computers to participate in the network is called Bitcoin mining. The process works as a transaction processor and validator. The Bitcoin network operates by blockchains, a series of computers or nodes that run the software and contain a history of the transactions on Bitcoin's network.

Every node is in charge of accepting or rejecting a transaction on the Bitcoin network. In addition, the node drives additional verifications to guarantee that it is a legitimate transaction by ensuring that it contains the proper validation parameters and does not overrun the enforced length of time.

Currently, Bitcoins are created at a rate of 25 Bitcoins for every ten minutes and will be restricted when reaching the limit of 21 million, expected to happen in 2140. Meanwhile, Litecoin, regarded as Bitcoin's leading rival, is intended to process smaller transactions faster and can be mined on a standard desktop computer. Its cap is 84 million: four times Bitcoin's 21 million.

5 Tips to Start as a Crypto Trader

5 Tips to Start as a Crypto Trader

 Now, that you know about:

  • What crypto signals are
  • That Telegram is a favorite channel
  • The two types of crypto Telegram groups
  • And what cryptocurrencies are and how they work

Let us look at five tips for getting started as a crypto trader.

  • Keep a safe cryptocurrency wallet
Keep a safe cryptocurrency wallet

The first thing to become a crypto trader is creating a cryptocurrency wallet. A wallet protects cryptocurrency from risks, hackers, or scammers. This "mechanism" can also be used to make transactions at any time and place. Therefore, selecting a reputable and secure wallet is essential for a successful crypto trader. Wallets can have private or public keys. Crypto traders do not need to share the keys with anyone, as access to the wallet is authorized.

  • Get some experience
Get some experience

Instead of going straight to the Bitcoin trading market or to an elevated level, a tip for getting started as a crypto trader is to start at a lower level or do some experimenting first. First, you need to know how the trading process works or the necessary steps.

  • What kind of crypto trader do you want to be?
What kind of crypto trader do you want to be

Try to learn all about all the types of cryptocurrency traders and select the one according to your interest or analysis. The best type is day-trading traders, as such traders make money on a daily basis.

  • Methods, Styles, and Strategies of Trading
Methods, Styles, and Strategies of Trading

Newbies need to learn about all the strategies, styles, and trading methods available. Profit will only be possible if the right trading strategy is structured and executed accordingly. As already stated, for this reason, BTC day-trading is the most popular method.

  • Study about market analysis
Study about market analysis

It is crucial to make the best decisions to make profits. Therefore, crypto traders need to know how to use all the tools and sources available for correct market analysis. Therefore, Crypto traders should choose the right tools, subscribe to the best Telegram channels, and take advantage of the best sources of news or information about the cryptocurrencies market, in addition to perfect analysis to make the correct price predictions in trading.

How to Select a Cryptocurrency

How to select a cryptocurrency

There is no such thing as the best cryptocurrency, but the truth is that some of those are best suited for specific cases.

Bitcoin, for example, is the best cryptocurrency for reserve assets, as it is the most popular and has a finite stock. Many of the most hyped cryptocurrency projects are in the top positions in cryptocurrency market capitalization. However, most low market cap cryptocurrencies have unsecured use cases or were not delivered as promised. Low market value cryptos are usually riskier than higher market value ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Therefore, it is important to invest in the ones that have an experienced support team. To find out about cryptocurrencies, check out the cryptocurrency whitepaper. This should give you an excellent general notion of how the cryptocurrency of your choice works.

What is a Wallet?

What is a wallet

The public and private keys used for sending and receiving cryptocurrency funds are stored in a cryptocurrency wallet. It is like opening a bank account.

Is Cryptocurrency Wallet Secure?

Is Cryptocurrency Wallet Secure

Cryptocurrencies use encryption to secure and verify transactions and control the new units created. All transactions can have their encryption verified by each user.

What are Public and Private Keys?

What are Public and Private Keys

It is like your username and password. The public key is the username, and the private key is the password. For example, a wallet has public and private key pairs. Developers use public and private keys to set up a secure connection between two different ones for communication. What if the same concept could be used for sending and receiving money? The cryptocurrency does just that.

Free Crypto Signals

Free Crypto Signals

A good encryption signal service usually charges a channel access fee, which is understandable, given the experience and the importance of the information provided. But there are some free signal groups on Telegram. They are an excellent option to save funds, but the level of accuracy will not be the same as the one provided by a paid group. It is essential to know that some channel operators manage a fake set. Some buy consulting services; others use the Internet to steal signals posted in unusual places. Trustworthy providers offer quality insights and advertise on popular channels.

Steps to Trading Cryptocurrencies

It takes five steps to trade cryptocurrencies.

1. Create a cryptocurrency broker account

Create a cryptocurrency broker account

You will need to create an account with an encryption broker. These are the best ones in expert´s opinion:

  • Coinbase
  • Gemini
  • Binance
  • Kucoin

They are the best. They all have a simple user interface and many altcoins to choose from. Besides, you will need to provide personally identifiable information to your encryption broker to open an account. The personal information required to set up your account includes:

  • Address
  • Social Security number
  • Email address
  • And your date of birth

2. Fund your account

After registering with the encryption broker, you will need to connect your bank account. Most encryption brokers offer the option of bank financing through wire transfers and debit cards. The cheapest option to fund your account is a wire transfer, usually free at Coinbase and Gemini.

3. Select an investment encryption

Select an investment encryption

Most active cryptocurrency traders invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum. These cryptocurrencies are more predictable than smaller altcoins, making them easier to trade. However, many crypto traders invest in smaller altcoins. Even though cryptos with low or mid-caps are riskier, they can appreciate more. Many would appreciate more than 1,000% in a few months, making them attractive to risky investors.

4. Choose a strategy

Choose a strategy

You can choose several trading indicators when buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Investors take into consideration many factors to select the best option. If you are a newbie, you should consider taking a course in cryptocurrency trading. Asia Forex Mentor is an excellent option to learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies. Many crypto traders have also highlighted the One Core Program. If you already have some experience in the cryptocurrency market, you may have some stock trading strategies in mind. Stock trading is also widely used in cryptocurrencies.

5. Storing your cryptocurrency

Storing your cryptocurrency

If you actively trade your cryptocurrency, you will have to store your funds in the exchange to access them. If you want to keep your cryptocurrency longer, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. Cryptocurrency wallets can be either software or hardware wallets. They are both secure, but hardware wallets are safer because a physical device stores their encryption. This device does not have an internet connection. And most of all, a ledger is one of the brands that investors think of as the most trustworthy. In the case of a software wallet, there are several free options on iOS, Google Chrome, and Android.

Which Signals are the Best in Crypto?

Which Signals are the Best in Crypto

Several cryptographic signal services make it difficult to choose the best option, especially for beginners. So let us show you the best one, our hottest tip on the market today.

The Best Crypto Signals in 2022

Best Crypto Signals in 2022

FatPigSignals.com is a team of expert traders operating in the cryptocurrencies trading market since the first years.

They have formed a community on Telegram so that others can learn from their accurate cryptocurrency signals.

You can join their VIP group by choosing the price package that is more suitable for you. To become a professional trader, you will need to open an account with one of their brokers. To do this, you may register and deposit the minimum with their chosen regulated Crypto broker. After that, you can join their free Telegram group, where they send daily reports, each one coming with a complete technical analysis on why they are taking the trade and how to place it through your broker.

Their team of in-house traders at FatPigSignals.com scans the crypto markets around the clock for you. Using a combination of in-depth technical analysis, AI algorithms, and fundamental research – FatPigSignals.com constantly pursues trading opportunities for its members. If this is the first time you have heard of them, check out what they do at their homepage.


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