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101 cryptocurrency: how to avoid scams


Having been with us for more than a decade, cryptocurrencies are considered to be the most suitable investment for those who want to get a good amount of money back. 

But there is nothing miraculous about it, cryptocurrencies are so high in demand, all thanks to their rules that are easy to understand and a somewhat transparent system. 

With great demand comes great investment, millionaires, billionaires, and people with ordinary amounts of money share the same space; and the same currency.

Without making any kind of distinction to those who use it, this type of digital currency has become famous all over the world.

Over the years, the rules within the cryptocurrency game have changed, to be more straightforward; the rules have improved to better dress its players. 

And that dressing has dressed them very well, as cryptocurrencies were once considered an investment to be avoided, today, they are the most sought-after financial product in any by those who want to make their money pay off.  

It does not do much good to look for other products to invest in, the stock markets keep seeing your savings breakdown, one after the other.

The real estate market is suffering from the financial crisis that affects almost all continents, a bubble is about to burst on this side of the mountain. 

In contrast, cryptocurrencies do not stop yielding good deals and considerable amounts of income to their investors.

But as I said above, there is nothing miraculous about this, it is all pure financial mathematics, in its most crystal clear state.

Wonders that modernity gives us as a gift of the advanced technology that we currently enjoy. 

Advanced technology also helps us not to fall prey to financial scams, in the world of these digital currencies, there are also those who want to take advantage of those on the path to glory. 

But there is nothing to worry about, the scams are easy to spot, thus making crypto users not suffer from any bumps in the road. 

101 cryptocurrency

101 Cryptocurrency: all you need

There is no difficulty at all in understanding the rules game of cryptocurrencies, they are all easy to understand and almost all your questions regarding this product can be solved with just a quick search on the web pages. 

Cryptocurrencies are a kind of digital currency, today the most famous among them all.

They have been with us since the end of the first decade of the year 2000. They are completely decentralized, this means that there is no institution government behind their administration.

Not being run by any government institution makes these currencies easy to handle, without unnecessary bureaucracy and without any cases of corruption. 

What makes us know which currency is worth investing in and which one to avoid is its volatility, if a currency has no volatility and never has yields equal to others then it is not worth the investment. 

A currency always has moments of volatility, one moment is down, another is up. This means that it is healthy.

Currency volatility is something that is used against cryptos exactly because it is something very common to happen in their routine. 

But the volatile movement is what shows us how healthy it is, no coin is overvalued 100% of the time, as no coin that is worth the investment stays down for a long time. 

These currencies are traded on a system called "Blockchain". It is 100% encrypted, making it virtually impossible to suffer from hacker attacks, fraud, and scams within this system. 

There are several currencies that you can choose to be your investment, the most famous of all is the first encrypted digital currency; Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is still going strong today, it has its up moments as well as its down moments. 

But there are not only Bitcoins in this system, several others are part of the Encrypted team, such as: Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and several others. 

All transactions performed within the Blockchain, are protected by cryptography, theft and scams usually happen in the investor's digital wallet. 

Working with cryptocurrencies, in addition to the trading that is done by investors and financial firms, we also have the miners, who basically hunt throughout the system for new coins to put into play. 

You can invest autonomously yourself, or you can seek the services of a financial firm that works with this specific area. 

All the digital money you get is deposited in the digital wallet, and all you need to access it is a mobile device. 

101 cryptocurrency

How To Avoid Scams with crypto

Scams and robberies exist on any financial system platform, and you have to be careful not to fall victim to them. 

Unlike other systems, the scams that exist in the cryptocurrency financial world are easy to spot.

The target of these thefts are the digital wallets, which are on a separate system from the one used for trading. 

You should not access it from any mobile device, preferably one where there is an antivirus system running all the time, and which you only use for this purpose.

Do not click on suspicious emails, as malware can install itself on your device through them. 

And don't just go to any website, prefer official websites and apps as well. 

101 cryptocurrency

How To Report Crypto Scammers

Should you suffer any theft of your digital wallet, with the technology we have available today there is the possibility to track these coins. 

Since the theft does not happen in the Encrypted technology system, there is a way to trace the thief's steps through the data that becomes available.  

After this data has been traced, the appropriate measures must be taken to have these coins blocked and returned to their original wallet. 

If you have hired an exchange to handle your investments, they can also be held liable for the investor's loss. The appropriate legal measures must be taken for this investigation. 

Where to discover trustful crypto signals

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